Private, Secure and Encrypted messaging

Simple and easy to use, with chat applications available for iOS, Android and Web.

A chat only for you

We cannot read, decrypt or share your messages. Our chat generates a unique public and private key pair so only you and your friend can read your conversation - not us, not your internet provider and not 3rd parties.


Get setup quickly

Setup is done in only a few simple steps.

Work together

Secured by design

All data can be end-to-end encrypted, meaning no-one else can eavesdrop on your conversations, not even server admins. Encryption is kept friendly with features like secure key backup, which allow you to recover your encrypted data even if you lose or break a device. Meanwhile advanced features like verification, highlight if a user's account may be compromised.

Web and apps

Accessible on all your devices

Applications available for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Web.

Voice, Video and Files

Voice, Video and files sharing made easy

One touch voice and video calls and conferences on all platforms. On mobile, respond to calls as natively as you do a normal phone call. Send, receive and view files in any conversation. Drag-and-drop for quick sharing, and browse archives or search for files easily in the file panel.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your workflow.